Migrant Nurses

Winkelmann-Gleed, A. (2006) Migrant Nurses, motivation, integration, contribution. ISBN-1 84619 007 X. Radcliffe Medical Press, Oxford. Order your copy


The NHS and independent healthcare sectors increasingly depend on the contributions of the migrant workforce to make up for serious shortfalls in staff numbers. This book analyses the motivation required for nurses to migrate, their experience of integration and the important contribution they can make in the healthcare environment.

Based on quantitative and qualitative research conducted among migrant and refugee nurses, this book includes many first-hand accounts from individuals adapting to working life in the United Kingdom. It covers areas such as diversity, relationships, problems, cultural understanding and exclusion, as well as taking an overall look at migration, ethnicity and employment.

Migrant Nurses is a practical handbook that provides vital information for human resources managers in the NHS and private healthcare sectors, diversity managers and mentors. It provides great insight for researchers interested in organisational behaviour, healthcare and development studies. Policy makers and shapers will find it helpful and community groups working with migrants and refugees will also find it valuable.

This is the first text to offer a comprehensive analysis of the motivation, integration and positive contribution that migrant nurses can make to healthcare in the UK. It offers unique insights essential for using this significant element of the healthcare workforce in an intelligent, balanced and just manner.

Roswyn Hakesley-Brown, in her Foreword

A fascinating collection of personal stories that illuminates the larger professional and socio-political forces driving global nurse migration. In a globalized and exceedingly mobile world, the key questions raised and the challenges identified make the book important reading for our times.

Barbara L Nichols, in her Foreword

Selected Chapters:

Video demographic diversity & employment

Book chapters

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